About Us

We are the Superheroes. This all started when my children where young ones, I can remember taking them trick or treating, helping them to choose their costume and then putting it on for them. I even dressed up while I was taking them around and it became a family event and the children used to come back with bags full of sweets. As the years passed by it became a family tradition and the children’s friends started going around with us and each year there was more and bigger crowds of us. As the children got older I started to miss this event, until…

I had an idea about getting an outfit and going to visit children who were in hospital at Christmas time. This would make them smile and happy and would also make me smile. I am into films and love watching them. My first suit was an Ironman mark 6, it was a challenge to get it ready in time, for the hospital visit, but I just got it finished just in time. As I walked into the hospital I was
excited to see what the children’s reaction would be.  The nurses were chatting to me and telling me all about the children. They told me about one of the girls who was very poorly and they said she didn't speak, she hadn’t said a word to any of them, I walked into her room and her face was a picture, she had the biggest smile on her face. And I asked her if she liked ironman coming to see her at Christmas she just shook her head. I said bet you like one direction don’t you she nodded, The only one out of one direction I could think of who is popular with girls is Harry, which I said to her do you like Harry? She blurted out no I like Niall, the nurses were shocked that she spoke. They said you have got a way with children and that was the first time they had heard her speak. This got me thinking, I really enjoyed the interaction and the smiles on the children’s faces. So I got more and more suits such as Batman, Captain America, Loki and also Spiderman all these suits where brought. But the other suits are made out of foam. Which when sprayed looks like the real Ironman outfits.

I attended my fist convention in September 2014 which was called Night con. While I was there I was walking around in my Iron patriot Suit and got a buzz from it when people asked me if they could have their picture taken with me. Even some of the stars who was attending asked me if they could have their picture taken with me. I really enjoyed myself. While I was there I saw the Hall of armours and thought to myself that is amazing. I asked my grown up lads if they wanted to go to a convention with me and they said yes.

In the meantime we had acquired quite a few suits. I am a Drawing Engineer by trade and thought, I would love to have something to store my suits. I was messing about on the computer and drew up the ironman stand. I asked one of the best people, who in my opinion, would make a great job for me at my works place. A man called Graham he said he would love to build it for me, which he did at his home in his garage. He was building it day and night any time he had he was working on it. It took him between 6 to 8 weeks to finish it. We had a convention booked it was called Digi-Con at the beginning of January. The stand was to go and it would be the first time it would be seen. We had to hire a van to fetch the stand from Graham’s house. We fetched the stand on a Wednesday evening it all needed painting. We even had to make the light covers from scratch, they are made out of Perspex, which we cut with a wet tile saw. We literally had to paint it day and night ready to go on the Friday night!!! To this day, I don’t know how my wife and I managed to get it all finished and painted in time. When it arrived at Digi-Con this was the first time that we had seen it all put together. And it looked great, people who saw it was amazed at it and thought it was the one from Night Con, which we took this as a compliment. We told them no this one is ours. Each time you go to a convention and you meet up with all different people from Stars to ordinary people and we really do enjoy ourselves.

This brings us to the present day we are being asked to conventions all the time and we are often asked to do Birthday Parties, Weddings, Galas, We have helped collect money for charities such as RSPCA, Breast cancer charities and our favourite charity which is Ashgate Hospice. This has a special place in our hearts it is a cancer charity which looks after terminally ill. We have even been asked recently to help promote the new film Deadpool and Captain America:Civil War at Sheffield Cineworld on the premier night. Also we have been asked to a relaunch of a new and improved outfit of Hollywood Bowl at Hull. We took place in the chesterfield Carnival which was all based around Superheroes, there moto was what’s your Super power. We enjoy making people smile and it keeps me young and the plus side is I am doing all this with my family. What more can I ask for and what more can I say.